millennial choices

There’s no denying that I am now in the Age of Weddings. I checked Facebook this morning and realized that yesterday three high school classmates celebrated their nuptials.

Now, usually when posts start like this, I wind up reading one of two things. Either the blogger bemoans singlehood and wishes to be married but is fighting to find peace and satisfaction, or she gloats and finds the whole institution quite ridiculous and writes a bucket list of all this things to do while you’re unmarried.

I fall in neither party.

Instead, I fall in the party of being so glad that I wasn’t born 20 years earlier.

You see, it’s 2015.

That means that at 24, I can be whoever I want to be.

I can be with a white man or a black woman.

I can be married and have children, or I can be single and childfree.

I can work a 9-5 job on a career track, or I can scrimp and save to spend a year traveling around the world.

I can be putting a downpayment on a home, or I can be changing addresses every six months.

There’s a lot of freedom in being a millennial.

We’re not as easily pinned down as prior generations.

I can be restless or content.

I can dress like a hipster or a vagabond.

I can enjoy beer or orange juice.

I can be pro-marijuana or anti-smoking.

In this moment, I am allowed to choose me.

I am allowed to get lost in discovering what I actually believe.

With the internet I am able to be exposed to more people, places, and thought processes.

I can fight to distill information.

I can ask questions.

I may still be working out this whole “adulting”, but at least I’m allowed to do it in peace.


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