Author: simplyeliska

I'm a small town girl, loving big cities and isolated mountains. I befriend every third person I meet, and then hide for hours trying to get my energy back. I'm a barista, a nomad, a college grad. I'm a twentysomething getting lost and finding myself again. It's a little crazy, but I kinda like this thing called life.

Murphy’s Law Of Vines and Whines

Her pants are drenched from trudging through weeds still wet from the weekend rain, her boots are covered in the mud she sank through five minutes after starting her shift, and her socks have now been drenched for six hours because her boots aren’t waterproof.

Covid-19: A Farm Story

If one person has a fever we all have to stay home and quarantine. Not exactly on the top of our to-do lists when most of us only have a few days wiggle room to get our 88 days for our visa extension.

Stepping on grapes is my jam

I’ve moved into a working hostel in Northern Victoria – snagging a job in the brief few weeks that farms allowed new backpackers in before slamming their doors shut once more due to coronavirus spikes.