We’re Still Here!

December 21, 2012

Back when the rapture was set to occur, a couple of my friends happily informed themselves throughout the day that they were still there, despite the fact that if the rapture were to occur, they’d both be gone.

If the Mayans knew any better than your average Oreo cookie, the world should be in utter turmoil right now.


Along THAT line of thought, have you ever pondered the difference between “uh oh” and “oops”? “Oops” is the far more serious of the two. If someone says “uh oh,” the situation is probably bad, but not necessarily. If they say “oops,” it’s a gonner. 

Anyway. All this end of the world talk, combined with the end of the year, my birthday drawing close, etc…  It’s a good time to think. It’s a good time to remember. It’s a good time to forgive.

Not that there is necessarily a bad time to do that.

But as I’m curled up in my sister’s residence, gearing up to see Mannheim Steamroller tomorrow, I smile.

It’s been a great semester. Ruined GPA, healed soul. New friendships, new experiences. Peace and contentment.

We even get a white Christmas this year!

…provided that the apocalypse doesn’t happen and melt it all. Just hold out until after Christmas, giant volcanos!


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