one is silver and the other gold

One of my oldest friends moved to Colorado today.

Sarah and I met in middle school. Eleven year old kids, our lives were obsessed with Neopets and who was going to have a sleepover that weekend.

Now, thirteen years later, we’ve been friends longer than we’d been alive when we met. Our lives are now obsessed with Reddit and who is free that evening to grab a beer.

Sarah moved away at the end of 7th grade. There’s really no logical reason why we’re still friends – I didn’t get a cell phone for another four years, Facebook didn’t exist yet, and people moved in and out all the time.

But somehow, it stuck. Through different cities and countries, we somehow kept in touch. She moved to Panther town, I moved to Slovakia. She moved to Minnesota, I moved to Berlin. And now, we both live in Denver. She lives closer to me now than she ever has – a mere twenty one minute drive away.

Sarah and I have gone through a lot together, sometimes going months without speaking. Then suddenly, one of us will send a text or shoot off a message. “Hey, girl. What’s up?” or “This thing happened. Let’s talk?”

Sarah was there for me when I walked away from Christianity – talking to someone about agnosticism and what it meant to leave familiarity behind. I squealed with excitement for her when I found out she and Phil had proposed to one another – finally, a good man after heartbreak in our growing years.

Today, my oldest continuous friend moved to Denver.

Today, the Chaser and I spent an hour with Sarah and Phil, running boxes and couches up to their new apartment.

Today, my oldest friend now only lives a few miles away in her brand new city, and the cycle of life continues one day at a time. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Welcome to Colorado, Sarah. Welcome home 🙂

Hiding cat
Sarah’s cat, Bishop, was not nearly as ecstatic to be in Colorado as she was.

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