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at the right time

With all the planning in the world, sometimes you have to have just a little bit of luck, too.

I worked in the evening today, so we rose before dawn to chase the foliage.

As we crested the hill heading into Boulder, CO, we realized the sun was just about to rise. We pulled off, and waited.

pink skies

We planned to wait, we didn’t plan on the pink underbellies of the clouds, the bursting of the horizon in true Plains fashion, the Flatirons dancing in their shadows.

I caught a few images, but mostly, I was too busy making a memory.

We drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park.

We planned to go today. We didn’t plan on the rain. We didn’t plan on the best foliage being at the end of our drive. We didn’t plan on the double rainbow that hovered above the changing aspens.

Bright skies ahead, gloomy ones behind
Bright skies ahead, gloomy ones behind

Sometimes, you just get lucky.

Sometimes, you manipulate your circumstances to allow yourself to be in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes, you ask the questions no one else would dare to ask, and someone is willing to answer.

Sometimes, you open doors for yourself and an opportunity is on the other side.

Sometimes, it’s not that easy.

But sometimes, just sometimes… it is.

found in Lyons
Ah – why should all life labour be? – Tennyson


I'm a small town girl, loving big cities and isolated mountains. I befriend every third person I meet, and then hide for hours trying to get my energy back. I'm a barista, a nomad, a college grad. I'm a twentysomething getting lost and finding myself again. It's a little crazy, but I kinda like this thing called life.

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