hops and pie: an exploration of beer

This is an absolutely tiny, brand new blog. But I still want to use it as a platform to do a shout out to a business that thoroughly impressed me!

The Chaser and I had wandered through Tennyson Street several weeks ago and the taproom “Hops and Pie” caught our eye, so we finally fought our way through traffic to check it out tonight.

For it being a Tuesday evening, the place was lively and full with some excellent tunes playing overhead. I’d been craving mashed potato pizza, and happily noted it was one of their available toppings. Terrence grabbed the happy hour slice, I snagged a personal pizza, and we both selected a beer.

Wow. Oh. Wow.

I didn’t even look at the menu – I immediately spotted a vanilla coffee porter. The brewery Call to Arms partnered up with Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters (another local favorite) to create a sensation that made me sigh with delight at the first sip. Coffee forward, well balanced, smooth… I was in heaven. AND I got a card to try out a couple local taprooms also serving that brewery – what a classy method of encouraging neighborhood patronage rather than pretentious competition!

The 3oz sampler glasses also display the Hops and Pie logo – beautifully done!

And to top it off – I glanced up at the tv and Budweiser was playing their new commercial. “Land of the Free. Home of the Bud. Macro pride.” I couldn’t help but laugh – only a company that felt truly threatened by the micro industry would bother creating such an advertisement.

Terrence took advantage of the $2 3-oz samplers and tried 4 or 5 different (micro) beers in addition to his half pour. The floor manager, Preston, came over and chatted with us for a bit, geeking out about beer and thanking us for coming in. It was the type of business you could tell that the staff really enjoyed their jobs – and that made it a place that I want to go back to.

We munched on our pizzas, savored our beers, and looked around us.

“I’m content,” I finally said.

We thought about that statement. When was the last time that we felt content?

Moving to Denver has been a rough transition. Two nomads, moving away from their usual home base. But moving is more difficult than traveling. When you’re simply traveling, friends are a dime a dozen, fellow adventurers are around every corner, and every day is something new and exciting.

But moving? Everything is slower, even for extroverts. Trying to break into established circles of friends, trying to find the places to go in your neighborhood for dinner, trying to memorize what is the route that will help you avoid traffic in the morning.

Moving is much harder than nomad-ing.

Being content is much easier on the road for a traveler – experiences bring peace to the soul. But living somewhere? Staying… still?

I’ll be going back to Hops and Pie. I’ll be going back because it was the first place in the city that gave me a tinge of my old cafe, a tinge of home… It was the first time that I felt safe, content.

So… Thank you.


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