Tales of a Flatlander

West is the affinity of the journeyer.

“Go west, young man.”

“If you care to find me, look to the western sky.”

And now, staring westward at the Rocky Mountain front range every day as I leave work, watching them grow and shift and define themselves as I race towards home.


Yeah, I live here šŸ™‚

I’ve started my new job, playing on a new machine, mind racing as I try to think of how to rearrange everything to be efficient. It’s not so much a barista job as a canteen that happens to have an espresso bar, so there’s a mental shift I’m having to work through. I’m going to be working alone, at least to start with. Tomorrow is my first solo day, so wish me luck balancing rushes and dead times!

My roommates are pretty awesome. Husband, wife, and 21-month-old redheaded munchkin do for very interesting evenings make! Lauren and I painted together last night, so I’ll let you make your own assumptions on what else we have in common… It’s been so much fun to come home and have easy conversation in a new city.

I’m stepping up to this new season, ready to begin again.

Iowa City was hard.

The last few months in the town I loved were painful, filled with anger and resentment that my sanctuary was being ripped from me for no better reason than, “Because I said so.” Filled with grief as I watched my friends, my baristas, my bossman, my regulars, all losing their home away from home. Filled with anxiety as l stepped into the unknown with no plans of returning to the familiar.

I left Silicon Prairie and fled to the shelter of the mountains.

I left the safety of the home I had carved out with blood, sweat, and many tears.

I fled to a city I’d barely glimpsed at once before, I found myself in a home where I already belong.

It’s a surprising world, but it’s mine.

It’s like when I arrived in Poland the first time.

It’s like when I watched Europe pass through the train windows.

Goldilocks and Baby Bear: it’s just right.


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